Outlook 2007 To-Do_Bar

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I finally got Outlook 2007 and it has a nice to-do-bar in it.  I'm having a devil of a time configuring it though and the SQL code that I used from Outlook XP just doesn't seem to give the same result (my S/M) keep showing up.  Any thoughts on how best to configure this consistent with TRO?


  • Chris,

    In theory, you can cut and paste the Do Today SQL code (Outlook Setup Chapter in TRO Online Training) from the online training into the DASL tab for that view. (Right-click the column headers in the To-Do Bar, select Customize....)

    However, in practice, the To-Do Bar and the To-Do list in the Tasks area have always behaved erratically in my tests. Since they have been unreliable (losing any SQL settings, for example), I recommend not using them. This is an option on the View menu , To Do Bar in the Calendar View in Outlook 2007. When setting up the Tasks views, make sure you select Tasks and not To-Do.
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