Best combo for Mac and DroidX? (resolved)

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I have a Mac running Leopard and a Droid X.  I've tried the free trial period for several things, including Things for Mac and GOALSToDo.  I also tried using Entourage but the syncing to iCal was just a horrible horrible experience.  My husband only uses iCal so I need to be able to sync to access his calendars.  But syncing iCal with Entourage, everything has to be in one folder to get synced, and it ended up making every day Father's Day over and over again!  Multiple events were posted to every single day!

What is the best combo to be able to use on my Mac laptop and my Droid X and sync with iCal?  Preferably something that will work when there's no internet connection too, so nothing that is completely web-based, but syncing through google would be ok.


  • At the moment, I recommend (and use) Toodledo; use it with one of the Android apps listed on this page:

    Here are TRO instructions for Toodledo:
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    Any updates in this one?  I am running a Lion for my macbook.  I have tried quite a number of options I got from the appstore and have not gotten that much good result in terms of functionality from them, really.  

    iCal seems to be working fine though it is posing some conflict to another application which I think is caused by referencing to the same thing without being able to exclude.
  • I'm using toodledo (web interface) and "due today" for android.   See here for android apps:
  • I've used Toodledo (now converted to beta), and it remains one of my favorite apps. I recommend it frequently to Mac users, as it outperforms most task manager software for the Mac.

    With an Android phone, I would suggest Ultimate Todo List. It will run you $20 after the free trial expires, but it is totally worth the money. Best phone-based task manager I've ever seen. Bar none.

    Hope that helps.
  • Does donedesk synch with ultimate todo list?
  • @Troy: Not yet. Donedesk is currently designed to work on mobile web browsers (Android, iPhone, tablets) to allow easier access to everything. Because it is still in beta mode (Dec. 2011), we are holding off on Android and iPhone apps just a little while longer. 

    However, if any developers want to start working on Android or iPhone apps for Donedesk -- be first to market with Donedesk mobile apps -- feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you. Some features will continue to change, but the API is (almost) static at this point. 

    ~coach nate
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