TROGbar future support for new versions of Outlook


Will TROGbar be updated to support newer versions of Outlook when they are released, or would you rather recommended Outlook/TROGbar users to migrate to instead?





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    Trog Bar remains the best TRO solution for:
    • 32-bit Outlook users, who are
    • NOT delegating and following up on large numbers of tasks, and
    • Especially if they must keep all their data in a corporate Outlook environment.

    Donedesk is ideal for workflows that include delegation and working with teams, and it is the only answer that supports re-delegation properly (which is very common in businesses with 10 or more people).

    Donedesk does not sync to Outlook tasks. That isn't usually necessary since Donedesk has excellent email integration. In rare corporate environments where all company data must be maintained on company computers and servers, Outlook (with or without Trog Bar) is a better solution.

    Microsoft made decisions about Outlook architecture that make Trog Bar development very difficult. For this reason, special support for future versions of Outlook (including 64-bit versions) is very unlikely.
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