Two Exchange accounts, one Mac one Windows, iPhone/iPad

Update in response below...

So have been thinking about this further as I start my TRO training.  Looking for the most reliable/easiest to maintain system.  It's OK if it's a mess on the front end as long as it works reliably on the backend.

Windows at work, Mac at home: separate accounts at each location.  Open to getting a hosted Exchange account for home email to make syncing easier if needed.   

Would like to have the 2 Exchange accounts sync and work reliably without having to perform any manual workarounds.  They would be syncing daily.
Would like to have an IOS native app for iPhone and iPad that my single task list would live in.
Would like an IOS native app that also has a cloud/web interface, e.g. Toodledo.
I'd like to be able to run Outlook for Mac at home vs VM and Win Outlook.  OK if this requires another desktop sync app on Mac, as long as it works.

If you have a better solution, PLEASE let me know!


  • After doing more research have decided to scrap the Mac Exchange at home.  Will use Mac Mail and push actionable items (not too many) to Toodledo with MailActOn.  I can code emails as I send them (priority etc) or send them and clean up in Toodledo. 

    Still looking for the cleanest way to automate a workflow at work from Win Exchange to Toodledo.  IF I can get the required tools installed.  Otherwise it will be emails to Toodledo and some extra manual work.

    At least this is a little more KISS.
  • How much access do you need at home? Outlook by itself is good for TRO, and it syncs well to your Blackberry. If you can manage your personal life off your Blackberry alone, then just use Outlook tasks as explained in TRO Online Training.

    Otherwise, trying to sync two major systems like Toodledo and Outlook isn't recommended. It's going to cause grief sooner or later--we've never seen it fail.

    Pick one tool set that works in the most areas that you need it, and rely on it. In your case I recommend: Outlook, Blackberry w/Blackberry Enterprise Server. (Or use Toodledo with the iPad and iPhone apps.)
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