Outlook 2010 Issues

I used Trog Bar for 6 months on my old Win7 computer running Outlook 2007 on Exchange Server, and everything worked fine. I was recently upgraded to a machine running Win7/64, and Outlook 2010-32bit. At times either one or both programs freeze up and I have to shut them down and restart them. Many of those times I have lost changes I have made to my tasks in Trog during that session. At times Outlook will not restart until I manually go into Task Manager and shut down the Trog 32 process (Trog is not running on the screen, but the process still is). Then Outlook will start up again, but as I say, losing changes to tasks I had just made in that session. Any ideas? I have lost hours of work trying to figure out what to do.


  • Turn off Preview features and turn on Beta features. This is the latest, most stable configuration for Trog Bar.

    If that doesn't do it, there's probably a conflicting Outlook Add-In. Disable your Outlook add-ins one at a time. In Outlook, go to the File tab, Options, Add-Ins, then click Go at the bottom next to "Manage." Disable anything you can and reboot, then see if that helps.
  • Another possibility is discussed here: 
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