iPad/iPhone software and Trog Bar and Outlook

I was getting a little confused as to whether the Trog Bar would actually create tasks that I can monitor via iMExchange2 on my ipad/iphone (very handy when it comes to the “calls” or “errands” contexts).  I am not sure what the difference is between getting Trog Bar to “manage my emails” or not to.

If I don’t ask it to manage my emails, then how do I create tasks from emails?  It seems to be working but I haven’t pointed Trog Bar to my [Action] folder under inbox in Outlook 2010.


  • In Outlook, to create tasks from if you have an Outlook tasks list OR Trog Bar and a mobile device:
    1. Drag and drop the email onto the Tasks icon at far left bottom in Outlook AND LET GO QUICKLY* (for processing super-hot items right now in Outlook; or close the window when it pops up to finish processing later).
    2. OR Right-click, drag and drop the email onto the Tasks icon at far left bottom in Outlook (gives you different options for creating the task).

    Either of these methods create Outlook tasks, which you can see and manage in Trog Bar or Outlook or IMExchange 2 (or my new favorite, Appigo Exchange Tasks). Trog Bar just manages Outlook tasks.

    The [Process Later] folder is an optional way to do it, especially helpful for extreme workflows because it "groups similar actions together (scheduling and categorizing tasks)." You can drag your emails here for processing later, but if you do, you MUST:
    1. make a pass through this folder at the end of triaging to fully process any that are hot.
    2. finish processing this new [Process Later] collection point during your regular processing time.
    You will still use the two options above to create tasks from these emails.

    P.S. You can make the Tasks icon larger at far left bottom in Outlook by grabbing the slider/divider above the icons and sliding up. Rearrange the icon order by right-clicking on the icons, then choosing Navigation Pane Options…

    P.P.S. If Trog Bar "manages emails" directly, you see them in Trog Bar but not on your mobile device. That email management option is no longer recommended for most people.

    *This one is tricky because of an Outlook 2010 bug that makes the created task pop up UNDER the Outlook window if you hesitate when releasing the mouse button.

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