Question about task dates (and using 2Do app)

Hello -- I'm slowly working myself through the training and have a question about something that has me stumped. For context, I'm using a task manager on the Mac called 2Do which seems to meet all the TRO criteria (though it doesn't show up on the list). It allows multiple tags/contexts, two dates, etc. It also syncs to Todoodle for cross-platform sweetness. I use Outlook Mac and the 2Do iOS apps on my iPhone and iPad. 

Currently, when I process, most of my tasks wind up with soft dates in the form of tags ... 1-next, 2-this week, 3-this month, 4-next month, 5-someday. Because of the nature of my work I generally have few tasks w/hard dates. Most of my stuff is pretty fluid and during the course of a week, tasks can quickly shift from 2-this week to 1-next (and even back again) due to shifting priorities. 

As I move from the "process" section of the training into "reviewing" and "doing", what's confusing me is that a lot of the descriptions of how to set up your "Do Today" list and/or "Hotlist" (not sure of the difference btw) seem to involve hard dates. Is there something I missed where you're supposed to transition tasks from soft to hard dates as they get closer to becoming "do now" tasks? At the moment I'm simply reviewing my lists and changing my tags to 1-next as they become critical. I then use smart lists based on "1-next" as my "do today" indicator. It seems ok, but I'm not using priorities, stars or dates to define my "do today" list, just "1-next". Seems like I'm missing something.

Can someone help clear this up?


  • Yes, you missed something in the Deferring lesson. Choose Toodledo as your task manager for the TRO Online Training and re-read the Smart Dates section (or appendix) again.

    Always assign soft dates to tasks. (They are really just used to prioritize your tasks for urgency/importance.)
    Only assign Hard Dates when bad things will happen--set to the day you need to start it to prevent bad things from happening.
    Only Star tasks when you have decided that they need to be done today.

    Here is the quick summary of our current recommended TRO methods to use in the 2Do app (subject to change as we experiment more):
    • Use Start Date rather than tags for your soft dates.
    • Use Due Date for your hard dates (if and only if bad things will happen if you don't do that task)
    • Star is used as you "Do Today" indicator. Star tasks during daily review to put them oin the Do Today list.
    • Set up the Focus Filter to serve as your Hotlist (include: Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, Next 3 Days, High Priority, Starred). To see your Hotlist for daily review, tap the Focus Filter symbol at the top right of the All list.
    • Viewing by tag is tricky: tap the Search symbol at the top of All list, then tap the Tag symbol at top right.

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