Trog Bar crashing and can't send Error reports

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At this point I can't do anything within Trog Bar. When I open Trog Bar, it almost immediately crashes, and then when I try to send a bug report, Trog Bar can't make a connection. If the program doesn't immediately crash, a task slides out and a pop-up asks if I'd like to save my edited task (I didn't edit a task). I click cancel everytime the pop-up shows up, and then it eventually crashes.


  • Please give us more information about your setup, so we can help you sort this out. Something is unusual on your computer, and more data is needed to assess the issue.

    What operating system?
    What version of Outlook? What Service pack?
    Exchange Server?
    How many Outlook profiles?
    Do you have Public Folders in Outlook? How many?
    What Outlook add-ons are installed? (Some of them do not play nicely with other tools. Trog Bar technically isn't an add-in, however.)
  • Kevin followed up and asked if I had Beta turned on in Trog Bar, and I did. Once I turned that off and restarted, it seems to be working great...I feel very foolish!

    Thanks for responding so quickly!!!
  • Glad that fixed it for you!

    General rule for all: Enable Beta and disable Preview features. If you experience crashes, disable Beta.
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