Anyone on the Omnifocus 2 Beta? Is it TRO Capable?

Hi all ... I know that Omni1 is not Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) compliant due to the lack of support for multiple contexts. Has anyone here gotten an invite to the Omnifocus 2 beta yet? I'm pretty happy with my current tool (2Do for mac and iOS) but there are a couple of minor annoyances that have me wondering whether about other options for a Mac/iOS user.


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    OmniFocus 2 does not support multiple contexts or tags. They will probably never add that feature. See:

    That means we can't train/coach people for optimal control of their lives using OmniFocus. We wish we could!

    You just can't get adequate focus on life areas with OmniFocus because of that limitation. You will see 1) personal and work and volunteer tasks mingled together (like Calls, regardless of type), and 2) you will be stuck choosing between handling an item with either Bill or Sue or Joe on the accounting team (but not any one of them depending on which you see next), and 3) you can't independently tag things as Most Profitable Activities or establish a self-prioritizing personal inventory of what matters most, next. Not optimal time management, non-optimal balance.

    You can use context hierarchies (a very nice feature!) in OmniFocus to solve problem 1. However, that can't solve problems 2 or 3 above.

    Multiple contexts/tags are essential for great focus and great time management. However, be careful to not overuse them or they can have the opposite effect. TRO Online Training teaches all the ins and outs of using tags/contexts/categories effectively for your tool.
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    Well that's lame, I'd just assumed that was an oversight that would be corrected in a major rev., but it turns out it's more of a religious debate over there. 

    I guess I'll stick with 2Do and its minor annoyances. 

    Thanks for the response.
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