How to review TOMORROW's tasks

Hi.  TROG works for me really well, except for one thing ... At the end of the day i'd like to preview what's on deck for tomorrow.  I find that doing the review first thing in the morning doesn't work well for me (I run a production facility that starts at 6AM so the train is already in motion when i get in).  Other than changing the computer date, how can i do this?  


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    For 99.5% of the world, the 5-minute daily review is best in the morning. Don't review the night before because those tasks will be on your mind during the night. Wait and make your plan the next morning.

    In your case, here's how to do the daily review the night before:
    - Temporarily set the date or timezone ahead on your computer (not recommended)
    - Set it back when done


    - Set Trog Bar options ([+]), Date and Time Settings, Reminder Date: I do tasks on or after the Reminder Date/Time
    - Set the Outlook Default Reminder Time (in Outlook Settings/Preferences) to 7 pm or 8pm
    - Set all your hard dates 1 day earlier, as a permanent habit.

    The tasks will appear in bold starting the evening before, so you can do your daily review then for the next day.
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