TrogBar & Outlook 2013


I'd really appreciate to use TrogBar with Outlook 2013.

Would it be possible even using some trick?

Thank you



  • Giovanni,

    We're on this and hope to have a new Trog Bar version out soon that works with Outlook 2013. However, we need to test for full compatibility with Outlook 2013, and that issue is up in the air at present. If successful, the upgrade would be free to anyone who purchased Trog Bar within a year of the release date. 

    The future is in cloud/mobile apps because of syncing and portability, and even Exchange-based syncing isn't supported well by the latest hot apps including Mailbox, Boxer, and Dispatch. Outlook/Exchange is going to have limited adoption in the future unless that is fixed by Microsoft, and we don't think it will be.

    In the meantime, the most important thing is to get control of your time and tasks, which you can do with other great apps like Toodledo if you use the TRO Online Training system. TRO Online Training is recommended even for Trog Bar.
  • Kevin,

    I've already use Trog Bar, I bought some years ago, on my laptop with Outlook 2010 with account and iCloud (only for tasks synchronization) and my iOS devices.

    Now, I'd like to use it also on my desktop with Outlook 2013. Would it be possible to became beta tester for it?

    Thank you again.


  • Yes, it may be. Thanks for volunteering. We'll contact you at the appropriate time. :)
  • Any news on this?  My employer is moving to Outlook 2013.  Currently I must run Trog Bar on my secondary machine which still has Outlook 2010, but that machine may go away in the very near future.
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