Does OmniFocus support advanced GTD-type methods (TRO)?

I chose OmniFocus to operate my task list after several months of trying out other apps. My biggest gripe with OF isn't the multiple contexts, but the past due/badge dates that require me to go through and make date/time adjustments on the iPhone version for each task. Desktop is easier - but you need to be at your desktop!

If RTM or TOODLEDO is the better option, I will migrate over. However, that will be a project in itself - as OF has several hundred tasks with dates, etc., that stretch to back to this past June. So that type of migration isn't something I want to jump into right now!

What would you recommend?


  • No. Don't use OmniFocus 1.x. TRO Training for Toodledo or RTM (Remember the Milk) is a far superior approach at the moment. Here's why.

    Unfortunate Limits of OmniFocus 1.x

    Without multiple contexts or tags in OmniFocus, the powerful benefits of TRO are not supported. You're stuck with only the most basic GTD approach, and it will cost you a lot of time and stress. Three years of coaching is speaking here. The only workaround for OmniFocus is using the OF Search facility to search for all tasks with certain words in the notes--really an unacceptable approach in my book.

    The OmniFocus iPhone app limitation (forcing you to update dates/times) is also huge. Total, Relaxed Organization does not require you to keep updating your task dates! That's a stressful "time treadmill"--hardly a "relaxed" system.

    True, the system matters more than the software for real productivity, but a powerful system like TRO requires a bit more from the software. The single context/tag limit and date constraints mean OF is not a TRO tool ... yet.

    My Preference

    I like Toodledo a lot, both for features and user interface. Toodledo is platform-independent and has an import feature that will bring in your exported OF tasks all at once. You could easily do that as part of the TRO training during or after your office sweep, or you could test it up front if you're really hesitant.
    (To test the import first, use a free Toodledo account, manually export the tasks from OF, manually import into Toodledo. Move the Contexts to "tags" in Toodledo. This places all of your tasks into the Unprocessed list in Toodledo for basic reprocessing using TRO methods.)
    Also, consider Priacta coaches/techs as a resource for tools and means to support your migration. We can steer you clear of a lot of grief in this area.

    What about OmniFocus 2.x?

    There are hints in the Omni Group forums that OF 2.0 will support another dimension (tags) that will alleviate this concern if done right (at the task level and not at the project level). Don't wait until then. Get time and task relief now. If you learn the right principles and habits now (TRO), you will be able to apply them to any news tools down the road.
  • Update: OmniFocus 2 is not TRO capable, and OmniFocus will likely never be agile enough to support TRO properly (or any advanced GTD approach. See this discussion for the details:

    Sorry, folks!
  • Omnifocus 3 seems to fit the bill-the combination of multiple tags along with Start Dates is awesome!
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