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GTD Software: Asana

Asana Online WebPDA
Social task and project management with collaboration for individuals, teams, and small businesses. Limited support for shared workspaces.

Priacta Rating

TRO Ready

Support for TRO and GTD

  • NOT compatible with TRO
  • NOT compatible with GTD


Released 2017-03-03

8 Key Features:

  • unlimited contexts
  • reminders
  • projects (inline, field, multiple)
  • 1 date
  • linked appts
  • auto sync
  • email (link, autoprocess)
  • api

Support for Teams

  • Groups people into teams for projects or tasks
  • Tasks can be assigned to others
  • Tasks can be added to other people's lists
  • Other people's tasks can be viewed


Online (Hosted), iPhone, iPod Touch



Free version available
Full: $1200 - $9600
Asana website

Information was last updated 2017-04-28

Online training and coaching is available for this GTD app.

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