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Company GQueues LLC Llamagraphics, Inc
Company name GQueues LLC Llamagraphics, Inc
Rating ★★★★☆ ★★☆☆☆
TRO Ready 𐄂
Key features
  • unlimited contexts
  • reminders
  • projects (inline, subtasks)
  • 1 date
  • import/export
  • email (manage, autoprocess)
  • auto prioritization
  • projects (hierachy)
  • 1 date
  • calendar tasks
Description Task manager for google account and google apps account. A smart organizer that manages tasks, projects, and life areas.
Home page GQueues Life Balance
Tro training TRO Online Training available icon

TRO training available

No TRO training available.
Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista
Version released: 2019-07-24 5.7.16 (Windows)
released: 2012-07-23
Release date 2019-07-24 2012-07-23
Type Commercial Commercial
Has free version
Free version notes Free feature-limited version Free 30 day trial
A paid version is available
Full price low $25 $39.95
Full price high $25 $79.95
Made specifically for GTD 0 0
Syncs with Gmail, Google Tasks, Google Calendar, GQueues for Android Palm, desktop versions, other computers running Life Balance (manual sync)
Sync methods Import
Manual Sync
Mobile access Web Access
Mobile Optimized Web Access
Mobile App
Email-to-task support Manage an email as a Task
Emails are automatically tasks
Categories Unlimited contexts Single context only
Time boxing No time boxing support No time boxing support
Number of date fields
Has reminders 𐄂
Can automatically prioritize tasks 𐄂
Project support Supports a single level of subtasks Projects can be nested within other projects
Calendar integration Projects can be copied to the calendar Tasks can be scheduled directly in the calendar
Features URL
Screenshots URL
GTD setup notes
Data can be manipulated via an API 𐄂 𐄂
Short details Supports sub tasks, tasks to Google Calendar, task sharing, and custom task filters.
Category dimensions 2 1
Persistent reminders 𐄂 𐄂
Number of priority levels 0 0
Number of prioritization dimensions (besides dates, categories, etc.) 0 0
Collaboration and team support
  • Tasks can be assigned to others
  • Other people's tasks can be viewed
  • Life Balance does not support teams or collaboration.
Date last reviewed 2019-09-22 2016-04-11

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