Essential TRO Coaching



Non-executives needing TRO relief on a modest budget, and who have some time for preparation and self-training.






Get new power over your time, tasks, and life... permanent new habits... all the benefits of our on-site coaching, but no coach ever steps into your office. It's available no matter where you live, at a fraction of the cost.

Essential TRO Coaching is designed for executive assistants, managers, office staff, and anyone needing Total Relaxed Organization on a modest budget. It's based on our TRO Online Training system, which prepares you step by step. At the right time, your coach steps in to finalize your initial training and drill you by phone and Internet, answering questions, paying attention to how you work, customizing the system to your needs (1 hour of coaching included).

Afterwards, 21 days of coach follow-up accountability supplement your training, plus access to your coach via Skype for 30 days from the start of training. Your coach follows up, holds you accountable, and retrains or makes course corrections as needed.