Group Time Management Training, Time Management Coaching

Group Productivity Workshop (On-Site)



Entire offices or organizations, management teams, executive teams


How It Works:

A Priacta coach trains any number of participants in a 3.5 hour introductory session. Afterwards, each person receives personal follow-up coaching/training (choose a specific option for each participant). Coaching and support hours are pooled and shared among all trainees.



Group Productivity Workshop with One-on-One Coaching

In a single day, boost the productivity of your entire company, team, or office, then get even better results over time. Total, Relaxed Organization training does all this as your people actually do their work.

In a fast, fun on-site session, an experienced TRO coach 1) teaches proven time management principles to your group, 2) guides each participant to create their own, ideal time management system, and 3) teaches the secrets of almost effortless delegation, follow-up, and team focus (working on your Most Profitable Activities). Then they 4) work with individual participants to address personal workflow concerns in preparation for their 1-1 training or coaching.

Finally your TRO coach follows up in each participant's office, personally (on-site immediately after the session, or remote at their leisure, your choice) as they organize their desk, email, papers, and work with the help of our Online Training System. Then, coach follow-up continues with each participant for 21 working days to ensure powerful, lasting habits.

(Total price varies. Price shown is for the initial 3.5 hour group on-site training session. See instructions below to select individual follow-up training options and additional coach time for participants.)

How It Works:

  • Group coaching is performed on-site in your conference or training room.
  • One-on-one remote coaching, if selected, coaching relies on telephone, remote desktop, and webcam or digital photos, depending on each office.
  • Cost is Highly Flexible. Purchase a remote coaching/training package for each participant, depending on their needs.
  • Coaching hours are pooled for the entire group. (For example, the two-hour initial training session counts as only two coach hours, no matter how many participants you have.)
  • Create your own proposal. Add this option to your shopping cart. Then select a remote training option for each participant:


NOTE: Airfare and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the client for on-site coaching outside your coach's local area. See options when adding to cart. On-site coaching is not available in all states or countries. Call for details and costs for your location.

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