Virtual Careers at Neverboss/Priacta

CAREERS AT Priacta / Neverboss(VIRTUAL)

At Priacta / Neverboss, we don’t just consult—we transform companies and lives. People need the radical productivity and empowering leadership we deliver. We have more opportunities than we can pursue, so we ‘re looking to grow our team.

Our mission is to unleash productive, empowering cultures where everyone LOVES what they do. We start with personal productivity, then we empower people and measure leaders by the leaders they create at all levels of the organization.

If that excites you, consider joining our team. Here are our current openings:

Executive Assistant (Virtual)

Be our Alfred or Pepper Potts (superhero admins) for our Batman or Iron Man. Keep them focused on saving the world as you learn and refine your skills.APPLY BY READING BELOW

Owner of Social Media (Virtual)

Our Social Media Expert will own and drive all things social media. Spread the word about TRO and empowering leadership; measurably turn clicks into clients.APPLY BY READING BELOW

Create Your Own Position (Virtual)

Don’t see the role you want? How sure are you that you can make a difference? Describe the position you want, and start interviewing now.APPLY BY READING BELOW

Our Workplace Philosophy

  • We live what we preach. We use Total Relaxed Organization and practice empowering leadership as demonstrated in the book Neverboss. These powerful approaches let us recruit and develop the happiest, most motivated, most productive talent.
  • We value potential (what you CAN do) over experience (what you DID). What could you accomplish if you were given more authority and ownership? Are you an overlooked, undervalued talent? If you’ve seen the movie Moneyball, you get the idea.
  • We are a 100% virtual organization to accommodate our workers, clients, and partners. That includes core team members and contractors who see us as their anchor client. We are telework pioneers, it’s been a strategic advantage to us since 1997. We use it to find, hire, and develop the best talent potential around the world.
  • We continually learn from each other and our clients. The group is always smarter than the individual. We listen, we value different viewpoints, then we synthesize and move forward rapidly.
  • We are agile. In business, to us this means: 1) it must not be perfect at first, 2) we get it out there quickly in the hands of real customers, and 3) we rapidly and continually improve it based on actual feedback instead of guesswork.

Consider these philosophies as you work through our hiring process.

Before You Start: reAD OUR Universal Prerequisites

These are bare minimum prerequisites for applying. They are only a starting point for all positions here—we will talk more in depth in your interviews.

  • You have read Neverboss by Kevin Crenshaw.*
  • You have watched some episodes of Who’s In Charge Here? (Empowering Leadership in Minutes) by Kevin Crenshaw on YouTube.
  • You are excited about practicing empowering leadership in your work environment and the world.
  • You have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. (Currently all of our work is in English, but we intend to expand into other languages.)
  • You have a professional presence consistent with Fortune 100 dress, conduct, and grooming standards. (We work with companies that size all the time. However, most of our virtual telework is audio, not video, so there’s plenty of opportunity to be casual.)
  • You exemplify the four other crucial attributes of great candidates. If you’ve read Neverboss, you know what they are.

Way Beyond Equal Opportunity. We do not discriminate on the basis of anything other than your potential and demonstrated ability to perform the work, where and when required, at the highest levels of professionalism, quality, integrity, safety, and productivity, using the principles and tools of empowering leadership (see Neverboss) and following the published standards of our organization. We are fans of Ban the Box and organizations like Defy Ventures and Greyston Bakery, which means we don’t care about your moments of greatest regret. We build organizations where everyone is safe emotionally, physically, and professionally, regardless of mistakes. And we live that standard. After all, “mistakes are good… IF we learn from them.” (Contact us for the full details of this standard.)

Even if the position is filled, no worries! We hire for our clients, too! If you’re an awesome candidate but our slot is currently filled, we will refer you to one of our worldwide empowering leadership clients or to our deep network of professionals.


Your first interview starts now. Answer the questions below and send your replies to [email protected] or [email protected]

Your second interview immediately follows. Once you’ve answered the questions below, click the link at the bottom for the open position you want.

Do NOT send your resume unless/until requested. Your answers are your primary resume. They will tell us who you are and what you can become.

Do not send a novel. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —Attributed to Albert Einstein

Your application WILL be read by the CEO or manager personally, and you WILL get a personal reply As long as you fully answer all the questions. However, if you do not answer all the questions, your application may be discarded.

First Interview Questions

1. Briefly introduce yourself to our CEO and the team in writing, covering what you think is most important for us to know when considering your application.

2. Describe times when you demonstrated “ownership” when you weren’t the actual “owner.” What happened? How did you feel? Why?

3. Do you have business experience of any kind? Explain, and tell us why that might be valuable to Priacta / Neverboss regardless of your position here.

4. Are you on social media? Where? (Links, please, if any.) (Social media presence is not a requirement for every role here, but it is a good indicator of social and tech skills.)

4. Tell us your thoughts and feelings about Neverboss-style empowering leadership. What experiences and outcomes have you so far had in implementing some of its principles and tools?

5. Create your own Who’s In Charge Here® episode, upload to YouTube, Wistia or Vimeo, and send us the link. (Caution: Who’s In Charge Here® is a trademark of Priacta, Inc. / Neverboss, so you will need to call it something else. Fancy graphics or titles are NOT required. We’re interested in whether you can pull this off, what you say, how you say it, and how you got it up there.

6. Share your thoughts about Neverboss in the form of a brief review.* (If you posted a review on Amazon or elsewhere, you may just share the link with us.)

* Note: if buying the book is a concern but you intend to apply, we recommend the Kindle Unlimited free trial. You can cancel the trial afterwards. OR contact us and we will get you a copy, free. Purchasing or posting a public review is NOT a requirement for being considered.


Your second interview immediately follows the first. Click the appropriate link below and answer those questions, sending your answers once again to [email protected] or [email protected]

You must send us both sets of answers to be considered.


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