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Don't Spin Your Wheels. We're Here For You.


Don’t Spin Your Wheels. We’re Here for You.


Talk With a Coach

Your initial consultation is free of charge (up to 20 minutes, $65 value).

  • Total Relaxed Organization (a blend of simplified principles from GTD and Covey)
  • App and tool recommendations for one person or an entire organization
  • Team workflow needs
  • Workshops and group trainings
  • Employee interventions
  • Dysfunctional meetings
  • Anything productivity or leadership

When you’ve got productivity and team needs, ask an experienced coach and feel relaxed control of your time or teamwork quickly.

Sign Up for a Full Coaching or Training Option

Or, if you’ve received your initial consultation, get a complete coaching package to put you in control with zero uncertainty.

Priacta Remote Coaching is precise and comfortable. It works via screen sharing, phone, webcam/Skype, and digital photos of your office. This puts the coach in your office without stepping into your office.

Workshops and group trainings transform your entire team at once. You’re all on the same page, so you help and reinforce each other.

Email Us (Including Coaches)

Get the same expert help without disrupting your workflow. Excellent for non-time-critical questions.

Your initial consultation is free (up to 20 minutes of coach time, $65 value). Click here or email your coach directly if you have started your TRO training and have an assigned coach.

TRO Training and Coaching Questions

Check out our TRO Training FAQs page, including:

  • Questions about TRO Online Training,
  • Questions about Remote Coaching, and
  • Questions about our smart 21-day follow up. It’s built into the TRO Online training system and included—with coach supervision—in all coaching and training packages.

App and Tool Support

Even smartphones have bad days. Your coach is most qualified to help you with tool support, since productivity isn’t just about an app, it’s about HOW you use that app and WHAT process it supports. Use one of the options above to get the help you need.