Empowering Leadership

Leadership That Lets You Let Go. Safely.

Empowering Leadership

Leadership That Lets You Let Go. Safely.

Top-Performing Teams… Don’t Need to Be Told What to Do

You want great results fast, without babysitting. You want your people to think and act like smart, passionate owners. Your people want freedom to take action, power to be excellent, and a feeling of being connected to something great.


But how do you safely make that happen? Strong management? Autonomy? Touchy-feely workshops? No. Controlling management creates stability at the cost of exhausted leaders and bureaucracy. Autonomy adds risk, fear, and stress if it’s not done at the right time in the right way. And feel-good workshops rarely “stick” because they don’t solve the real issues.

The real problem is old-fashioned management. It doesn’t work well in today’s fast-paced, app-driven, smartphone world.​

Nowadays, great leaders create leaders instead of followers. Instead of hoarding power, they give it away as fast as people can handle it. They create happy workers and liberated bosses. The steps are simple:​

The 5 Steps of Empowering Leadership: Take Over, Tell, Train, Coach, and Support

  • Step Up to create clarity
  • Step Beside to train and teach
  • Step Back to coach, and finally
  • Step Away to mentor and support.

The result is excellence. You get smart teams and responsible leaders at all levels of the organization. Everyone cares and takes ownership. All brains are switched “on.” People are self-motivating. The see the best ways forward without manager intervention. They take the initiative—intelligently and together—to make great things happen.

And there’s more. Risk is managed automatically. Leaders have authority to step in, but they rarely use it, which lets them step back to think more strategically. As wasted time and workloads drop, everyone focuses more on the “real work” that matters most, so productivity and profitability jump. People LOVE going to work again. They recommend the company to others—but only to the people that would make a real contribution, so recruiting and retention of the best talent becomes easy.

Workshops, Training, and Coaching toFree Yourself, Liberate Your People, and Unleash Excellence

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Empowering Leadership training and coaching unleashes empowered excellence in your company.

​Starting from day 1, you make the smallest, simplest changes with the biggest positive impact. Your people feel instant success and relief. They get excited to move to the next step, and the next. Confusion stops. Bottlenecks and approval delays disappear. Everyone feels responsibility and ownership. Natural motivation soars. Everyone thinks and takes initiative without special “engagement” or “innovation” programs. People coordinate their work naturally, at the right times, without information overload.​

​People learn while they do their normal work. The whole change happens without fear, firings, or boring seminars.

Within 90 days your whole organization is feeling the benefits: freedom, focus, motivation, smart decision-making, speed and agility, and excellent results. Everyone knows exactly what they’re aiming for, and they love it because they helped make the vision.

How It’s Done

Unleash Almost Any Team

Empowering Leadership is really rapid culture change—replacing the old leader-to-follower mindset with a new, leader-to-leader approach. The result is focused, flexible freedom. It happens under our leadership, or you make it happen with our help.

The first step is our Delphic Interviews. We talk with your key stakeholders and workers. Confidentiality and anonymity are assured, so they tell us what we need to know to help you best—and what they’re afraid to say out loud. We see the full picture better than you ever could.

Armed with deep insights, we craft a plan that meets your needs AND the pain or needs of your people, so everyone loves it.

Then we train your teams in live, on-site workshops. They learn and practice the principles of Empowering Leadership, then they go into the “real world” to practice what they learned WHILE they work. We observe and coach. The next day they report back, resolve questions, and move to the next step.

We work within your current structure. The goal is to push authority down to the people with the information, instead of trying to push the information up to bosses. But it only happens once action principles are adopted that ensure universal safety—safety for management, safety for the workers, and safety for the company. With that in place, the people closest to the issues can take initiative, feel ownership, and solve the problems. Leaders keep authority and stay close at hand, ready and able to step up (direct) or step beside (train) as needed, but their new role as builders of leaders keeps them anxious to step back (coach) and step away (support) as soon as possible.​

It doesn’t stop there. For the change to stick you need more than just management methods. You also need to fix the environment that supports your new leadership. Organizational CLARITY, CAPABILITY, FOCUS, VISION, and RESULTS are quickly improved or certified with immediate benefits at each step. In the end, the change moves far beyond basics and transforms your whole organization, for good.

We stay on board to coach and guide until your new culture takes hold and sticks. We step beside you to train, then step back to coach, and soon step away—mentoring as needed. You’re never alone.


Real-World Case Study



  • ​Regular, repeated mistakes
  • Frustrated leaders and workers
  • Regular 50-hour+ work weeks
  • Tension, stress, and uncertainty
  • Constant changes from the top in spite of worker insights and concerns
  • Lots of long, boring meetings
  • High turnover, key talent quitting
  • Weak profit margins that can’t turn around
  • Fear of being fired or reprimanded
  • “Change fatigue” from new consultants and ideas every few months



  • ​Mistakes are caught early and prevented
  • Happy leaders and workers
  • 40-hour work weeks returning
  • Enthusiasm, clarity, and low stress
  • A clear and consistent direction created jointly with management and workers
  • Fast-paced meetings that solve real problems
  • Staff wants to stay, old key talent is re-hired
  • Profit margins rise fast & feel sustainable
  • Universal safety, no massive re-orgs or firings
  • The team is excited and participating fully in the change process

The difference was Empowering Leadership. The problem was old-fashioned, command-and-control management, not a bad leader. There’s no such thing as a bad leader. There are just bad ways to lead.

What They’re SayingAbout Empowering Leadership, Rapid Team Transformation,and Kevin Crenshaw (Author of Neverboss)

profile-picChris ElamFounder: Misnomer, SwiftFootProductions, BookAFlashMob, LocalDJForHire & GoSeeDo

Top of the Top

Since the first day I began working with Kevin Crenshaw, I have been thoroughly impressed by his depth of commitment and full command of his subject…. Kevin has made himself very available and has shown a remarkable degree of care and focus on my success. If you are looking for a true partner to kindly hold your feet to the fire and help you fully integrate both the fundamentals and nuances of profound behavior changing practices, Kevin is the top of the top.

profile-picJennifer DudleyDirector of Coaching & Lead Success Coach

Massive Change in a Short Time, in All the Right Directions

Kevin Crenshaw is by far the strongest leader I have ever worked under. Kevin has laser-quality clarity and is able to empower and inspire the team into action—the specific actions that produce high leverage results. In a short time Kevin has supported massive change in all the right directions within this organization. I have enjoyed the journey of working with Kevin, and now some months into our collaboration I can report that my satisfaction with my work is exponentially higher. There is a human foundation of respect and care combined with total inspiration to do great work and produce amazing results as a team. Kevin is a clear leader and is also an active part of the team with both sleeves rolled up, always with an eye toward results. I could not offer a higher recommendation. I feel lucky to work with Kevin and especially to work directly with him as he has proven to be a dynamic mentor for me at this stage in my career.

profile-picEric BensonInstructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Transformed a School—Results Were Miraculous

I hired Kevin Crenshaw as a professional organization, time-management, and productivity coach while working as the Director of Education for a small private school for troubled teen boys. The challenges we faced were great. The challenges of running an education program are overwhelming enough. Throw in 30 to 40 openly disrespectful teenage boys and it can seem impossible.

Immediately after each coaching session with Kevin, we implemented his suggestions. The results were miraculous. Through the direct implementation of Kevin’s advice, we were able to transform our school from a non-accredited program that used paper correspondence courses as our main curriculum to a fully networked computer and internet based school system accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. I cannot express enough the impact Kevin had on our ability to achieve these lofty goals. The accreditation process took almost two years. It would have been impossible to achieve without the implementation of the techniques I learned from Kevin. He may now know the indirect impact he had on my student’s lives, but impact them he did. He helped us structure the foundation upon which we build our school system. He changed the way we organized our projects, choose which tasks to complete each day, and even how we communicated with each other. I am forever grateful to Kevin for the work he has done. I hope to continue to learn from his expertise well into the future. Thank you for all you’ve done Kevin. Thank you.

profile-picJared NelsonPartner at Thomas, Wirig, Doll & Company, CPAs

Beyond My Expectation

Kevin Crenshaw led our executive retreat and did an outstanding job! His preparation and delivery were both expertly done. It was evident he had taken great care to create a custom program specifically for our group based on his phone interviews with each participant. The results of the meeting were tremendous and beyond my expectation. I recommend Kevin without reservation.

profile-picAlexis NeelyFounder, Legal Marketing Expert, Creator of the New Law Business Model — LawBusinessMentors.com

Talk about a Turnaround Expert!

Talk about a turn-around expert! I’ve repeatedly gotten to the same point in each of my businesses, $1.5mm of revenue with a team that was pretty good, but was still dependent on me. I couldn’t seem to break through…. Bringing in Kevin as CEO of the company was the game changer. Now, we are on track to at least double revenues this year and be ready for so much more in the future. Kevin has shown me what it means to be a true leader. Thank you Kevin.

profile-picChris ElamFounder, BookAFlashMob.com

Kevin is the Top of the Top

Since the first day I began working with Kevin, I have been thoroughly impressed by his depth of commitment and full command of his subject. Kevin has made it fun to undertake the life-changing process of fully examining and shifting my approach to organization and conceptualizing work. Kevin has made himself very available, and has shown a remarkable degree of care and focus on my success. If you are looking for a true partner to kindly hold your feet to the fire and help you fully integrate both the fundamentals and nuances of profound behavior changing practices, Kevin is the top of the top.

profile-picShana BursiOwner – Professional White Knight, LLC

Significantly Reduced my Stress Level

Kevin is an expert at organization, and an amazing coach and mentor. He created a customized program for me, built around my resources, lifestyle, and work environment. He helped me create a more integral approach to getting things done, an approach that I have been able to use not only in my professional life, but that I have applied to the management of my household and my family’s various tasks and activities. My work with Kevin has significantly reduced my stress level, and continues to improve my efficiency. I highly recommend Kevin.

profile-picCito GiuliniOperations, Queen City IT

The Key to Implementing GTD in My Life

TRO has brought my projects and tasks to a manageable point and was the key to implementing GTD in my life. Kevin was a great coach and was very reliable as far as returning calls and emails. I highly recommend Priacta’s services.

profile-picEd WunderConversion Optimization Specialist, and Local Marketing Expert & Consultant at PCSI

TRO is GTD++

Kevin is an organization and time management Tsunami. His ideas and company have allowed me to regain my sanity when everything seemed to be completely out-of-control. When I try to explain what his technique is at Priacta, I tell my information technology friends that the program is GTD++.

Highly recommended.

profile-picKathy ThomsonAdministrative Assistant

Highly Recommend

Kevin was a great, patient and understanding person. I enjoyed our sessions and was able to use all of his training to the fullest. I would highly recommend his services.

profile-picEric KrwaweczOwner, Legacy Real Estate Services

A Reliable System to Purposefully Guide Your Every Action

During Kevin’s coaching through Priacta he clearly laid out our goals to reach together and was extremely reliable when I would begin to fade from those goals. I would recommend his organizational training not only for those individuals or businesses that are entirely chaotic, like myself, but also for those people that are organized and yet struggle to keep it all together. He’ll put in place a reliable system to purposefully guide your every action.

profile-picDusty PrentissRetired

Beyond Productivity

Kevin is a great coach. When it comes to productivity and techniques, Kevin is the expert. I have improved my personal productivity significantly since working with Kevin. He even went beyond productivity to help with some political concerns at my company. I would greatly recommend Kevin.

profile-picKaitlyn HunterAdmission Coordinator, New Law Business Model

Completely Turned Things Around, Ready to Take on the World

Kevin was an amazing guy to work with. He walked into the business I was working for, and instantly took initiative. He welcomed all questions, and offered all the support that is needed from a CEO. He not only stayed professional, but would lighten the mood for anyone when we thought we just couldn’t go on, and encouraged everyone to be work at their highest potential. By the time Kevin left, he completely turned things around, and left us all with great hope that we were ready to take on the world. I would be not only overjoyed to work with Kevin again, but it would be an honor.

profile-picDariusz KurowskiBusiness Unit Manager at Saint-Gobain Ceilings and Ecophon Poland

I Recommend TRO

It was a pleasure to get the advice from Kevin. He is very oriented on customer satisfaction and he had enormous knowlege of time and task management. I can recommend TRO methodology as a concept, software tool and good implementation help.

profile-picLisa WinfieldDirector of Operations and Human Resources, TWD Advisors

Empowering, Amazing, Effective Leadership

I reported directly to Kevin Crenshaw for the past year +, as our firm’s [transformation] COO. Kevin helped me become a better Manager, Executive Team member, and employee with personal coaching and also by teaching our team basic principles for effective leadership, team-building and proper delegation methods. His many skills include creating and facilitating of teams at all levels, empowering individuals to own their jobs and become more efficient in their daily work. He’s also amazing as a personal executive coach. I’ve learned fundamentals that will help me for the rest of my working days. Thanks, Kevin!

profile-picTim CaliCommercial Sales Manager at Renew Financial/California First

Expert in GTD Methods/Principles

Kevin really knows his stuff! If you are looking for an expert in with regards to “getting things done” or GTD methods/principles Kevin is your guy. I highly recommend Kevin and the TRO total relaxed organization task management solution. He is a great coach and teacher and has the patience of a Saint.

profile-picBrian BookerManaging Director and Wealth Management Advisor Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Increases Quality of Life Personally and Professionally

Kevin Crenshaw is outstanding in the field of personal and business organization. Kevin utilizes technology to boost efficiency and productivity which ultimately lessens the overall level of stress and increases the quality of life both personally and professionally. Kevin and his team have developed simple concepts that will have a positive impact on myself and all those in my environment.

profile-picTena MattaManaging Director

A Sound Investment

An entirely new way of dealing with your life and work. I engaged Kevin Crenshaw as an Executive Coach, which is where he really shines. He helped me through some truly rough professional situations and I continue to engage him now. I really feel that most executives can benefit from having someone help them see from “outside” and throw some (sometimes tough) reality in there. I highly recommend Kevin as a sound investment in your career.

profile-picCatherine HokeCEO, Defy Ventures

Truly Awesome and Effective

Kevin Crenshaw helped me institute an “open communication policy” at my organization, and it’s been truly awesome and effective. It helped to transform our culture. Our staff has “open communication meetings” as needed, and the outcome is always positive. Thank you very, very much for making a difference by introducing us to this way of communicating.

profile-picAmanda K. LarrinagaDirector of Content and Product

Transformed a Once Struggling Business, Creating Raving Fans

Kevin Crenshaw has been an amazing mentor, coach, and leader while I have been working with New Law Business Model. Not only has his principle-based leadership allowed me to grow into my role as the Director of Content and Product, but I have seen how his leadership has transformed a once-struggling business into a profitable and effective one that over-delivers for its customers—helping to create raving fans and improve customer churn. It has been a pleasure working with him and I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for the business thanks to his dedication and leadership.

profile-picJordan McCollumGeneral Counsel at Oculus VR

Highest Recommendation, Life Changing

I give my highest recommendation for Kevin Crenshaw…. He deeply understands process, leadership, responsible delegation, and day-to-day pitfalls that keep a manager from performing at their highest level. His advice and systems are, quite literally, life changing. Since I hired him, I am substantially more efficient in managing and delegating tasks, have a holistic top down view of what I am choosing to work on (and why), and feel relaxed and on top of things.

profile-picKathleen RhodesOwner, Appy Marketing

Control of Your Business AND Your Life

Kevin is an exceptionally talented and experienced business consultant who can help you gain control of your business AND your life. How? By teaching you precise principles, skills and habits to better manage your many tasks. But he does that by first, listening to you in order to understand the specifics of your business and then, imparting his expert advice. Best of all, his coaching programs come with 21 days of follow up, allowing you to permanently change your habits! (Technical assistance to make sure all your time-management devices work properly is included, too.)

profile-picSteven MontroseOwner, Flooring America

A Better Working Environment for All

Kevin Crenshaw has served me well and is conscientious about what he does. He is detail oriented and cares about us as his client. My greatest expense on my profit and loss is for people and it is cheaper to fix them than it is to fire and rehire. With Kevin’s help, we created a better working environment for all…. He has also helped me to be a better owner and manager.

profile-picSteve PromiselVice President, Global Sales Operations at Qlik

Get More Work Done

Kevin and Priacta have impacted my ability to get more work done in a highly significant way. Kevin’s ability to get right down to the core issues and provide ideas for resolution is without peer. I have also been very impressed with his responsiveness and desire to listen to all ideas from his customers to make his products and services better and better over time.

profile-picApoorva PatelVP of Software Development, FactorTrust

Doing a Four Hour Training with Kevin was Best Investment

Pound for pound, training on Priacta and doing a four-hour session with Kevin was the best investment. I am still applying most of the concepts daily. Because of the skills I learned … I am able to do more with less stress.

profile-picCraig KennedyGeneral Manager, Dalhousie University

Got the Results That Were Promised

Exceptionally service oriented, Kevin took the time to ensure I got the results that were promised.

profile-picRay YangInstructor, BCIT Marketing Management Program

Great Experience, Catered to Me

It was a great experience working with Kevin who led me through the Priacta method. I was a bit unsure at first of the program, but quickly saw how I could make my work environment more relaxed and positive. Priacta – or more specifically Kevin’s training is a is a unique experience for each client, creating a program that is catered to me.

Kevin not only went above and beyond in assisting me organizing my day-to-day tasks, but also helped me with discussions about using positive influence in the workplace. Overall, I believe the concepts and interpersonal skills that I have gained in the training will benefit my professional development for years to come.

profile-picMichele TremblayOperations Manager, Flooring America

One of the Most Uplifting Experiences I Have Ever Had

Kevin Crenshaw is a proven professional and a great executive/leadership/management coach. His detail and guidance through these months have proven to be one of the most uplifting experiences I have ever had. I would not be in this position on our company’s executive team without the Kevin’s help and coaching. I wish that I could put Kevin in my pocket and keep him with me every day. Not only has he enhanced my position at work, but it has carried over to my personal life. He is the best!

profile-picJordan BeardPresident at All Electric Supply, Inc

Revolutionized the Way I Organize Everything I Do

Kevin is truly an organizational guru. He has single-handedly revolutionized the way I organize everything I do. I wear a lot of hats and it is not easy for me to keep everything going at the same time. Kevin’s training allows me to focus entirely on any single task without worrying about everything looming over my head all the time. It keeps me from becoming otherwise completely overwhelmed to the point of being ineffective. I have used Kevin myself and have other employees and colleagues who are currently training with him. Thanks Kevin!

profile-picRob PetersFounder & Senior Business Development Manager, Standard of Trust

Benefits Far Exceeded Cost and Expectations

Kevin has made a difference to me with his deep knowledge of personal productivity and workflow. I have been working with GTD since 2002. Since being coached on Total Relaxed Organization (TRO), Kevin has taken me to a very high level of relaxed productivity in just 23 days. I REALLY Trust my system today. I trust both the process and the reliance on information technology tools. I highly recommend Kevin and TRO for the business executive who wants to succeed with the challenges of business and the opportunities in life. BTW – The benefits have by far exceeded the cost and my expectations. Thank you Kevin!

profile-picSteven LeiningerPartner, TWD Advisors

Transformation Has Been Magnificent

I first hired Kevin Crenshaw as a business coach for me personally. The results were so profound that my partners were asking what happened to me. Then we hired Kevin as a facilitator for our firm’s retreat. We were so happy with the results that we hired him as our contract COO. The transformation has been magnificent.

profile-picSarah Kalicki-NakamuraCo-founder and Resultant at TH!NK, LLC

TRO was a Life Changing Process for Me

Kevin was the first person to make time management work for me. He showed me that it was more than just cleaning your office. It is a system using technology. Priacta’s TRO was a life changing process for me. I have never looked at task management the same again. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your work, call Priacta!

profile-picRoy LambertsonCEO, More Than Moving for Seniors

Remarkably Comprehensive

A remarkably comprehensive time management approach. Kevin’s coaching is very effective and he isn’t satisfied until the client is. I’m sure we will enjoy the benefits of Kevin’s training for years to come.

profile-picSusan CampbellManager, Specialized Moving at Dunmar Moving

Excellent Product in TRO

Kevin and the entire Priacta team provide an excellent product in TRO. It is well thought out with extras I didn’t know I needed until I used them. Kevin and his team are very pleasant to work with and provide superlative customer service. Kevin stays with you until you are comfortable with the program and continues to be available for any and all questions. He is flexible, creative and personable. I have come to trust him, his work and the system he helped me create. I would recommend Kevin, the Priacta team and Total Relaxed Organization to any busy person or company!

profile-picBenjamin SendrowRabbi of Cong. Shaarey Tefilla & Adjunct Professor of Bible at Butler University

Best Money You Can Spend

Kevin Crenshaw has changed my professional life. I am a busy congregational rabbi whose desk was always covered with papers, and whose stress level was always high. Kevin has taught me to be an organized person. My desk is clean and my stress level is down. He is a bargain compared to those providing similar coaching on “getting things done.” Factor in the fact that you will succeed with Kevin and Priacta (how much have you spent on books or courses that did not help?) and you’ll see that hiring Kevin is the best money you can spend.