Executive Assistant

SUPERHERO’S Executive Assistant (VIRTUAL)


Priacta / Neverboss—the world leader in empowering leadership transformation and radical productivity—is looking for a Superhero’s Executive Assistant. You will play a key role in helping our experts transforming leadership and productivity in companies across the globe.

Your mission is to become the ultimate, Alfred-like, executive assistant to our Batman-like superhero.* Youll utilize your initiative, leadership, laser-focused organization, and practical productivity, so they and their team can focus fully on turning chaos into harmony.

Alfred Pennyworth sitting behind his bank of 8 computer monitors

Alfred Pennyworth / © Warner Bros

Location, type of work, and hours. In this 100% virtual assignment, you will telework from your home office anywhere in the world, 30-40 hours/week. Working hours are flexible but roughly 9-6 US Mountain time. We love independent contractors and encourage them to apply. If you are a contractor, you will leverage your experience here to work for other clients as well, and you will have full control of when and how you work to accomplish the objectives.


Your duties will include:

  • Strategic vision. Use the company’s strategic vision to prioritize yours and “our Batman’s” work.
  • Ironclad note and assignment collecting. Collect, prioritize, and organize, yours and your superhero’s ideas and assignments with 100% reliability. Maintain living documents in real-time. 
  • Exemplary productivity. Quickly create, improve, and deliver what matters most, on time and within budget. Speak up when things won’t fit and quickly negotiate practical compromises.
  • Agile, focused execution. 
    • Practice agility: 1) it must not be perfect at first; 2) get it out there quickly for rapid feedback, 3) improve it rapidly and relentlesly.
    • Ensure deadlines are met or renegotiated beforehand.
    • Focus yourself and your superhero on the crucial few while deliberately ignoring the trivial many.
  • Polishing for presentation. When appearance and precision matter, they matter. Know when to polish and perfect and when NOT to, and make sure it happens at the right time in an agile way. 
  • Empowering leadership and accountability. Delegate in your superhero’s name, support and supercharge others to live the principles and tools of empowering leadership as found in NeverbossEnsure the teams runs smoothly. 
  • Creating safety for your superhero and team by:
    • Operate at A-B NeverbossLevels of Initiative, reporting back and maintaining visibility and collaboration without fail.
    • Mastering, citing, and using the company’s Guiding Principles.
    • Using the Universal Safety tools of engagement as you engage with your superhero and teams.
  • Coaching and mentoring.  Keep your superhero working in there zone of genius. Gently yet firmly hold your superhero’s feet to the fire, keeping their eyes on the company vision, holding them accountable even when they may not like it, like Alfred holds Batman accountable.*  Be a confidential sounding board and advisor..
  • Building for the future. Develop yourself and those around you. Find, train, and empower your backup—your #2—so you can move into a future full superhero role yourself if you wish.

Superpowers Required

Most of these skills you have already mastered. Some you will “certify” (See Neverboss, p. 166) in your interview that you can learn quickly on the job. Remember, we   value your potential (intelligence, initiative, teachability, integrity) over your experience!

  • Mind reading and prognostication. Anticipates the need and practice “intelligent initiative.” Knows and understands what your superhero is doing, what they need to do next, and why. Prepares the next tool for your superhero before it is needed.
  • Captain Calendar. Manages and maintains multiple calendars and appointments in a single bound. Negotiates multiple complex schedules across worldwide time zones
  • Bulletproof delegation. Delivers, delegates, negotiates, and follows up without breaking a sweat, without fail.
  • Typing at the speed of thought (Required now.) Types notes and captures ideas and assignments 55+ wpm with 97%+ precision.
  • Master of the G Suite universe. Exhibits masterful note-taking, document management in shared drives, and spreadsheet use using G suite.
  • Total Relaxed Organization. Skilled in Total Relaxed Organization (TRO) principles to track all tasks and projects. (Can be learned quickly, on the job, if you lack this now.)
  • Empowering Leadership. Understands Neverboss principles and certifies solid knowledge and practice of empowering leadership.
  • Time Lord. Manages the clock in meetings, keeping things moving, making sure the key issues are covered.
  • Project Management Ninja. Expertly accepts and coordinates multi-step projects including significant strategic initiatives. Captures next actions, coordinates ad focuses others, and moves multi-part projects forward within parameters.
  • CDO-level attention to detail. You see and fix the details when they matter. When they don’t, you deliberately and relentlessly ignore them to save time for what matters most. (What is CDO? Its “OCD” with the letters in the right order. 😉
  • Fail safe connection. (Required now.) Excellent internet. Solid computer and computer maintenance skills (though we have another superhero here, The Resident Geek, who can assist with tricky stuff.)

Other Details

Your future potential. LIke Alfred, this role is a budding superhero. You will further master these principles and skills, gaining experience that could qualify you to become an empowering leader, coach, or manager if you wish. Future opportunities will depend on your growth and initiative as well as company expansion opportunities.

Do NOT send a resume yet, We hire for potential and your demonstrated skills in these practical interviews rather than your years of experience. We are passionate fans of giving people a chance. If you can prove your mettle, live the standards of our empowering culture, and can demonstrate the resolve of your current path, we don’t care about your moments greatest regret (except that you learned from them), so read on…

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to first answer the Initial Interview Questions, then answer the second interview question below. If you answer fully, you WILL be contacted by the CEO personally. “Should you fail in your mission, this agency will disavow all knowledge of your actions” and may discard your application.


To apply, send your answers to the questions below to [email protected] or [email protected].

You need to complete the First Interview Questions before continuing with these. 

Do not send a novel. Short answers please. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —Attributed to Albert Einstein

The Questions

1. Pick the top 3 or 4 essential qualities of a great executive assistant in your opinion. Why did you pick those?

2. You need to choose between doing what your boss said to do and something else that you noticed really needs to be done. Your boss isn’t available to consult on the decision. Which do you do? Why?

3. Demonstrate your typing speed at https://typingtest.com. Show us a screenshot of your results. Why would this matter? (Hint: It’s not really about how fast you type, its about something else even more important.)

4. You work for an empowering organization with a fun, quirky outgoing culture. Draft an email to a client who we accidentally overcharged for a service, telling them that we are going  to refund the difference. Paste your email below including your emailtitle and signature line.

5. You will organize and prioritize the work that your executive should be doing. How will you decide what matters most? Why does that work?

7. We deliberately placed typos and other errors and ommissions on these hiring pages (the first and second interview pages). How many can you find. What are they, exactly? How should they be corrected?

8. What are your hourly compensation: a) survival NEEDS, b) starting WANTS for this position, and c) realistic GOALS within 2 years? (Assume 35 hours per week working for us, and you can/should work for others as well. You must provide numbers, but we ask for these ranges to make it fair and easier.)

9. NOW, if you have a resume, you may attach it to your answers. This is optional. OR send us a link to your LinkedIn profile instead, if that is complete.

*Watch the movie Batman Begins if this Alfred/Batman analogy isn’t clear to you.