Owner of Social Media

Owner of Social Media(VIRTUAL)

Job Description AND DETAILS

Priacta / Neverboss—the world leader in empowering leadership transformation and radical productivity—is looking for an Owner of Social Media. You will be the wizard behind the curtain in spreading the message of empowering leadership and productivity to workers and companies across the globe.

Your mission is to take full ownership of all things social media for Priacta / Neverboss. You will refine and driving our social media strategy, ensure excellent follower growth, manage our messaging and social branding, and oversee all our social media channels.

Location, type of work, and hours. In this 100% virtual assignment, you will telework from your home office anywhere in the world, probably 10-20 hours/week. Working hours are highly flexible but roughly 10-7 US Mountain time. In this role we prefer TRUE independent contractors (you work for an LLC or C/S corporation or live outside the USA) and encourage contractors to apply. As a contractor, you will leverage your experience here to work for other clients as well, and you will have full control of when and how you work to accomplish the objectives. However, if you really, really need to be an employee, you may still apply and we will consider you (only available in certain states due to the complex interstate employment environment in the USA).


You will work closely with our CEO, Kevin Crenshaw, and the rest of our team to develop and send a clear and consistent social media message, stimulate social media sharing and conversations, and create strong followings.

You will spread the word about new empowering leadership content and speaking events, promote Priacta TRO workshops, share client success stories, gather testimonials, discover like-minded partners, and help drive client demand for our products and services.

You will craft or edit excellent tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, and the like. This includes content curation for articles we like and want to repost or comment on. This includes finding and extracting excellent posts from our hundreds of message/content resources like recorded coaching sessions and rough article ideas.

You will manage our YouTube channels and other social networks, recommending and driving new social media channels, and manage our social network groups and pages. This includes ad buying, and strategizing and prioritizing our use of these platforms for maximum engagement and provable results, so you will manage or coordinate analytics for these channels to measure the results and adjust your efforts accordingly.

You will help manage the social brand relationships with respected friends and partners like Doug Kirkpatrick, David Marquet and other well-recognized industry names to coordinate and synergize our social media messages for mutual benefit.

You will engage audiences ad followers worldwide and increase interaction.

Some of the Skills You Will Need

  • Top notch knowledge of all things social media. And the ability to learn more, quickly.
  • Superb writing and rewriting skills.
  • Process creation and improvement, which includes DEFINING processes that do not exist yet, and REFINING processes by following them and improving them as you go
  • Agility, which means 1) not making it perfect at first, 2) getting it out there quickly, and 3) Improving it rapidly based on actual feedback.
  • Creating order out of chaos. Finding what’s missing, organizing, creating spreadsheets to communicate complex data simply, etc.
  • Excellent attention to detail. You spot small issues and solve them before they blow up into big ones.
  • Focus. Knowing when NOT to pay attention to detail.
  • Ad spend management experience. Know when to promote content, when not to, when it’s working, when it’s not, and why.

Other Details

Your future potential. As you grow in your skills, you will gain experience that could qualify you to become an empowering leader, manager,  or leader of a new company division if you wish. Future opportunities will depend on your growth and initiative as well as company expansion opportunities.

Do NOT send a resume yet, We hire for potential and your demonstrated skills in these practical interviews rather than your years of experience. We are passionate fans of giving people a chance. If you can prove your mettle, live the standards of our empowering culture, and can demonstrate the resolve of your current path, we don’t care about your moments greatest regret (except that you learned from them).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to first answer in the Initial Interview Questions, then answer the second interview questions below. If you answer fully, you WILL be contacted by the CEO personally. “Should you fail in your mission, this agency will disavow all knowledge of your actions” and may discard your application.

Your Second Interview Questions

To apply, send your answers to the questions below to [email protected] or [email protected].

You need to complete the First Interview Questions before continuing with these. 

Do not send a novel. Short answers please. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —Attributed to Albert Einstein

The Questions

1. What’s the real, ultimate purpose of social media for a company? Why?

2. Evaluate our current social media presence. What is working well? What would make it even better? Background information to help you evaluate:

  • Priacta is the parent company. Priacta sales are smaller but serve as a pipeline for connecting with leaders that need empowering leadership transformations.
  • The Neverboss book is our keystone resource for explaining our empowering leadership transformation services, which are our current main sales emphasis.
  • Kevin Crenshaw is our CEO and The Instant COO. We envision The Instant COO becoming a title and trademark shared by many people, kind of like The Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride.
  • We literally have hundreds of concepts, methods, principles, articles, video scripts, and podcasts just waiting to be extracted, posted, or shared.

3. What social media platforms should matter most to our company? Why? Which common ones should we ignore? Why?

4. Which tools do you prefer for our social media and follower management and growth? Why? What are the drawbacks in those tools and how would you work around them?

5. How exactlty will you measure if your social media efforts here are “working?”

6. We deliberately placed typos and other errors and ommissions on these hiring pages (the first and second interview pages). How many can you find. What are they, exactly? How should they be corrected?

6. Tell us about content distribution and its value or lack of value in our strategy. How can we best leverage the content we create with the least effort?

7. Prove that you are an excellent adaptive copywriter/editor for social media posts. We especially prize the ability to mimic someone’s writing voice. See Kevin Crenshaw’s LinkedIn posts and craft a pertinent LinkedIn post that matches his style. Suggestion: take a @kcren Twitter post that isn’t duplicated on LinkedIn and turn it into an engaging LinkedIn post (a post, not an article).

8. What are your hourly (10-20 hrs/week, contractor) compensation: a) survival NEEDS, b) starting TARGET for this position, and c) realistic GOAL within 2 years? (You must provide numbers, but we ask for these ranges to make it fair and easier.)

9.NOW, if you have a resume, you may attach it to your answers. This is optional. OR send us a link to your LinkedIn profile instead, if that is complete.


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