Effective Daily Reviews

Life-Changing Time Management. Guaranteed.

Effective Daily Reviews

1. Look at your calendar.

  • Review all calendared appointments.

2. Validate today’s tasks.

  • Considering the appointments you already have, are these tasks realistically possible to complete today? If not, reschedule some.
  • Make sure that any tasks which will take more than 30 minutes are scheduled into your calendar. If you don’t schedule large tasks, they won’t get done.

3. (Optional) Put tasks into the calendar.

4. Ensure that your calendar is realistic.

  • Try to leave buffer time between groups of tasks and appointments. This keeps you flexible.
  • If you finish everything, you can always reach for more tasks.

5. Synchronize.

  • Sync your mobile calendar with your schedule. This helps you to go through the day with the most current information about your time and tasks.

Weekly and Monthly Reviews in 5-10 Minutes

Proper daily, weekly, and monthly reviews take no more than 5-10 minutes, save you hours, and eliminate stress. However, quick reviews are possible only when you understand the task lifecycle, when your systems are set up properly, and when you process tasks correctly.

If 5-10 minute reviews sound too good to be true, you’re not using a time management system you can fully trust. Check out Total, Relaxed Organization™ by Priacta—it will put you in control of your time, tasks, workload, and life. Guaranteed.