​Switching Browsers Saves Money


Switching Browsers Saves Money

Nobody likes waiting, but a slow browser is more than a simple annoyance: It’s expensive. Switching to a lightning-fast browser could be worth hundreds of dollars to you.

Here’s why: The average Internet user spends a shocking 68 hours per month online. If you work online, that number may be much higher. People average 58 seconds on each page. 68 hours divided by 58 seconds means the average user visits a whopping 4,300 web pages every month.

If your browser takes one extra second to load each page, you’re wasting an hour and fifteen minutes every month, just waiting for sites to load.

The cost of this time sap becomes clear when you consider the hourly rate you bill your clients:

  • An attorney charges $400/hour
  • A chiropractor charges $250/hour
  • A programmer charges $70/hour

You get the idea. Saving one second per page is worth $400/month to the attorney. But what happens if his support staff also switches? His entire office? The whole firm? If an office of thirty people switches, the time saved is equivalent to hiring another part-time employee. The hours add up quickly.

Google Chrome is faster than the most recent versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox. It’s more than 4 times faster than old versions of Internet Explorer, which many organizations still use. Chrome is even faster than lightning (almost).

As a time management and productivity coach, I’m telling you: If you’re not already using Google Chrome, you’re missing out.