“Deliberately ignoring” things can help you focus. Our three year sabbatical made us stronger.Now it will help YOU.

Kevin Crenshaw, Priacta CEO

Kevin Crenshaw, CEO of Priacta, Inc.

A lot of you wondered where we were. We got calls and emails and coaching requests. It meant a LOT to know that you loved our work and missed us!

Where Did We Go?

In April 2014 we sold Priacta.com and Total Relaxed Organization. We’re grateful that the other company kept it alive, but they didn’t move it forward as we both hoped. So we bought it back.

While we were gone we “deliberately ignored” the time and task management market. Instead, we took a deep dive into leadership and company transformation—the ultimate productivity.​

Kevin Crenshaw, our CEO, worked as a Turnaround CEO and coached more leaders and organizations. We amassed mountains of insights, built new systems, and discovered something huge…

You can fix productivity and still have a dysfunctional organization.​ In the end, it matters more how we lead and manage.

A bad system will beat a good person every time.

W. Edwards DemingEngineer, Professor, Consultant

Give people autonomy and authority. Let them become the experts and take ownership. Let them feel like they belong to something amazing. Then they will make great things happen, every time. They become leaders, and you become a leader among kings. Dan Pink calls that philosophy Motivation 3.0. We call it Hands-Off Leadership™.

NEVERBOSS: Great Leadership by Letting Go

​Actually implementing that kind of culture used to be hard. No more. Now there’s a blueprint for it: our CEO’s new book, NEVERBOSS—Great Leadership by Letting Go. Total Relaxed Organization is a valuable tool that can help that process. (Specifically, if you’re reading the book, TRO helps the CAPABILITY and FOCUS levels.)

“A bad system will beat a good person every time,” but a GREAT system will make ordinary people, ordinary teams, and ordinary companies great every time. Our focus and mission is to improve the way the work leads and works.

What’s Happening With Total Relaxed Organization and Priacta

We’re back with new passion.

A new site. Let’s be honest. The old site was ugly and ancient. Ugh. The new site will not only change your life, it will make you feel good before you even start. The heart is an essential part of change.

Priacta Is Back Under Original Management

Please be patient, the overhaul will take time. In the meantime, you’ll see “dust” as we knock out walls and add shiny new wings to the building. Every time you click on a broken link, we’ll see it and fix it.

TROG: The Total Relaxed Organization Guru

Priacta.com and the Total Relaxed Organization online training system are getting a complete makeover. The tools will be updated, with new tools and especially focusing on smartphone apps. You will have access to ALL tools, not just the ones you selected your first go-around. The principles won’t change, though. We’ve PROVEN that they work.

More focus on company and leadership transformation.​ Not only do you need control of your time and tasks, you need to change the environment that caused the overwhelm in the first place.

Our sister site, NEVERBOSS.com, has everything you need to start learning Hands-Off Leadership. Get resources that support NEVERBOSS. Get support to quickly transform your own leadership and culture. You can start tomorrow—you don’t have to do TRO first.

What About TROG?

Although Trog Bar has been retired…. we DO have ideas and plans for Trog. Cast your vote here. Stay tuned on our social media streams. In the meanwhile, he remains the Total Relaxed Organization Guru and mascot for TRO.​

Can I Get TRO Coaching and Training Now?

Yes. And for a short time, Kevin Crenshaw—the creator of Total Relaxed Organization—will be available to coach some clients as the new Priacta expands. Subject to his availability, sign up early

Total Relaxed Organization coaching and training. Get full, relaxed control of your time, tasks , and tools in the comfort of your office, while you get actual work done.

Workflow Analysis and Design speeds everything up for everyone, all at once. And it gives us an early peek into the leadership and management processes through Delphic Interviewing, so we can help you change your environment as you change your workflow.

Fast Flex Meetings are a super-fast way to change your culture, jump start collaboration, and unleash engagement. It’s featured in NEVERBOSS and may be the most important change your company or team can make right this minute.

​Tell Us, Tell Everyone

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Our Guarantee is Even Better

​Our Total Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee is back and better than it was before—updated to handle the complete company makeovers we do, as featured in NEVERBOSS.

60-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

TRO works. We know it, thousands know it, we can prove it, but we want you to FEEL it. Sign up now.

Details of our guarantee are found here.

New Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Of course, our terms and privacy policy have been updated to better support our coaching and training and consulting practice​, and to reflect modern technologies. You can click the links at the bottom of the page to see them in detail. We remain committed to not spamming you. Obviously. When you get something from us, it will make your life better. And it will pertain to what you asked for from us.