Total Relaxed Organization Workshop

For Your Entire Team, Department, or Company

Total Relaxed Organization Workshops for Your Entire Team, Department, or Company Group Workshops with Personal Coaching

In a single day, boost the productivity of your entire team, office, or organization. Then see even better results over time with personalized coaching and follow-up. TRO, or Total, Relaxed Organization workshops do all this as your people get their work done!

How It Works (More Than “Just a Workshop”)

In a fast, fun session, an experienced TRO coach 1) teaches proven time management principles to your group, 2) guides each participant to create their own, ideal time management system, and 3) teaches the secrets of almost effortless delegation, follow-up, and team focus (working on their “most profitable activities”).

Afterwards, Priacta coaches follow up with each participant in their own office (using our unique remote coaching system) as they organize their desk, email, papers, and work. Our Online Training System guides them for the tools they use personally (task manager, smart phone or tablet, email, calendar). Then their coach continues to follow up for 21 working days to ensure comfortable, lasting habits.

Unleash Almost Any Team

The Result? Lasting Productivity and Synergy.

Unlike typical after-workshop-letdown, TRO training gives you long-lasting benefits. Team members reinforce each other’s new habits. Productivity soars, workflow communication and teamwork improve, everyone operates on the same page. Most importantly, your organization focuses better on your most profitable activities. Your people do more of what matters most, in less time, in a comfortable, relaxed way.

Workshops and Company Training Options

On-Site Workshops and Team Training

The same powerful TRO workshop and personal follow-up coaching, but a TRO coach visits your offices personally for optimal results. Discuss your needs with a coach to see if this is ideal for your company or organization. Travel costs apply.**


Remote Workshops and Team Training

For entire companies, management teams, executive teams, offices, and organizations. A TRO coach trains your group in a fully-interactive video workshop, complete with on-site training materials. Then, participants customize their offices and workflow with the help of their coach and our Online Training System. On-on-one coaching relies on telephone, remote desktop, and webcam or digital photos. Finally, each person receives 21 days of individualized follow-up to ensure correct habits.

Purchase one Workshop/Team Training, then add one personalized coaching/training package for each participant, according to their needs.


Either Way: You Get Custom,  1-on-1 Follow-up Coaching

To make the change stick, we strongly recommend adding one personalized coaching/training package for each participant, according to their needs. Coaching hours can be purchased in bulk and pooled for the entire group.

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Priacta Total Satisfaction Guarantee

TRO and Priacta coaching work. We know it, thousands know it, we can prove it, but we want you to FEEL it and EXPERIENCE it yourself. That’s why it’s guaranteed.


**Per diem, travel, and other costs apply for on-site training outside your coach’s local area. On-site training is not available in countries or states, contact us for details and costs for your location.