A: To process the task for your Federal 1120 form, enter these values:
Subject: 1120 Tax Form (3/15) – Call Susan for financials 555-1234
(or 1120 Tax form (3/15) – W/F financials from Susan if you already called her)
Major Context: Tag: .work
Meeting Context: none needed
1-1 Context: Tag: 1susan
Action Contexts: calls (unless you already called her)
Soft Date: Priority: 1=this week or 2=next week, you choose.
Hard Date: Due Date: About 2-3 weeks from now, but no sooner than the soft date. This gives you time to contact her and correct the problem if you haven’t received the financials. Set the reminder alarm if your task list requires it for hard dates (to notify you to move the task onto your Do Today list).
Deadline: (3/15) in the Subject, right after the project name.
Notes: [Deferred] (Optional, to indicate that you put the form into the Deferred slot in your desk trays.)