Task reminders are optional for you, so there are several possible reasons:

  1. You probably didn’t look over the task reminder list and dismiss them all yet. You should do this once each morning. These reminders are only advisory.
  2. You may be setting different reminder times to schedule the tasks into your day. Don’t do this. All task reminders should appear at the start of your day. If a task must happen at a certain time of day, schedule an appointment in your calendar.
  3. If that isn’t the problem, you may be hitting Snooze on the task reminders instead of Dismiss. Never use Snooze on a task reminder. Trog will continue to track tasks with dismissed reminders.
  4. If none of the above apply, you may be looking at a reminder list on a second computer or handheld that synchronizes with your main computer. Typically, these task reminders are duplicates. Dismiss them, being careful to not dismiss appointment reminders until the appointment has been honored.