Google calendar can remind you of appointments in different ways. See Customize your notifications for instructions.

TXTed Appointment Reminders

Your cell carrier may charge you for each text message you receive (5 to 10 cents per message). Check with your carrier.

One great option is SMS (text message) reminders about appointments. To use this, you’ll first need to set up your Google Calendar to text your phone.

To set a TXT reminder for an appointment:

  1. Open the appointment you wish to set a reminder for (click on it).
  2. In the Options box (right side) select the reminder.
  3. In the pull-down tab, change the reminder type to SMS (text message).
  4. Choose how far in advance you wish to be notified (anywhere from 5 minutes to a week before the event).
  5. Save the appointment by clicking Save at the bottom of the screen.

Google Calendar will automatically send you a text message to remind you of the appointment.