To assign contexts in MS Planner:

Major Context

Create task in the appropriate Plan:

  1. Click Planner hub (left pane).
  2. Under All, click the appropriate major context.

  1. Click Board (top menu).
  2. Using the scroll bar (bottom), find the Unprocessed column.
  3. Click + Add task.

  1. Enter task title in the Enter a task name field (pop-up), then press Enter or click Add Task (pop-up).

  1. Order task if needed.

Move a task to the appropriate plan (you can only move tasks between plans in the same group).

  1. Hover mouse on task.
  2. Click ··· (opposite the task title), then Move task (drop-menu).

  1. Click the Plan name field, then select the appropriate Major Context (pop-up).
  2. Click the Bucket name field, then select the appropriate column.
  3. Click Move.

Minor Contexts

In MS Planner, we add minor contexts in the task Title field (after the current next step and at the very end).