Appointment Category?

Trog connects appointments with categories to tasks of the same category. Only set appointment categories (contexts) for time slots where you want to see specific task lists (meeting agendas, for example).

To categorize an appointment (color and context go together):

  1. You should have already created your master category list.
  2. Double click on an appointment to open it.
  3. Click the multi-colored Categories button.
    1. Select a context from the list. Categorize the block of time according to the area of your life it represents. Be sure that the context name you choose is a major context name. This tells Trog to show you only tasks in that context during that time.
    2. Categorize regular meetings with a meeting context. This will tells Trog to show only agenda items during the meeting time.
    3. Categorize time for action contexts like Calls and Errands. Tasks in the same context will come to the top of your list during those times.