Acquired by Yahoo!

Astrid was acquired by Yahoo! in May of 2013, apparently to obtain the development team for other projects. They are no longer fixing problems with it, so we had no choice but to un-recommend it.

We’re sorry to see Astrid go, because it was a good, lightweight collaboration tools that actually worked well for TRO with small groups.

You have selected Astrid as your task manager. Astrid is great for personal task management and simple collaborative task management. However, it may not work for you if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You want power features or a highly-customizable interface.
  • You need shared projects, multi-level delegation, or workspaces where everyone can see all tasks for a project. Astrid lets you make assignments easily, but it does not offer shared project workspaces.
  • You have a Blackberry or Windows Mobile device. (Astrid does not have Blackberry or Windows Mobile apps, though it does have a mobile-optimized web site that will works in mobile phone browsers.)