Windows Mobile 7 is a new technology, and it is still being evaluated by Priacta. If you are a corporate Outlook user, it has the strong advantage of full, tight integration with Exchange Server, so it may be a good choice. Leave comments here to tell everyone your experience with Windows Mobile 7.

Your Windows Mobile 7 phone should be suitable for:

  • Managing email on the road.
  • Managing your calendar on the road.
  • Collecting Outlook/Trog Bar tasks on the road.
  • Managing small and medium-sized Outlook/Trog Bar task lists on the road.

Windows Mobile 7 may be unsuitable for managing very large task lists (600+ items), especially with the built-in Outlook task manager.

You’ll need to use Nuevasync ( to get the best TRO results on your WinMobile 7 with Toodledo.

You can also access your Toodledo tasks at This requires an active cellular data connection.