The built-in task lists for Palm OS (non-Windows Mobile, non webOS) handhelds are seriously limited. These devices are old, dying technology. Consider a different smartphone, like an iPhone or Android.

However, this training will help you use your Palm if you are determined. You may want a 3rd-party app to extend the abilities of your Palm (though many commercial software options have been discontinued). See Priacta’s TRO-capable app list at, and search for “Palm” in the appropriate area.

Limitations: Palm OS handhelds restrict you to 15 short contexts, one at a time. This is a serious constraint if you have a busy life. You are also limited to syncing your handheld with Outlook. However, if you need fewer than 15 contexts and have a little ingenuity, you can use your Palm to manage your workload on the road, especially for things like Errands and Calls.

To migrate your old Palm Desktop data to a new device, use Pocket Copy by Chapura:

You can always use your Palm calendar to see a mobile Do Today list away from the office.

You can also do TRO without a syncing smartphone. If you ever work away from your desk, print out your Do Today list, make notes on it, and process the changes each day. Some people love this. Look for a desktop task list that has a tolerable print format.