You will need to set up custom TRO views in Outlook. We will explain this carefully, so it will not be difficult. You have two options:

  1. Do it now (recommended), so you can move through the training without interruption, or
  2. Do it later, as new concepts are introduced.

Do it now if you have 45 minutes or so in one chunk. You won’t know how to use these views for TRO until later in the training. We will explain at the right times.

(To do it later, hover over highlighted terms that are unfamiliar and click the link for more information. Here is an example: Do Today view.)

Define All Your Custom Views Now

To set your views up now:

  1. Learn how to use task views.
  2. Learn what the task fields mean.
  3. Create your All Categories view. Create this view first, the remaining instructions depend on it.
  4. Set up your Do Today view.
  5. Set up your Someday/Maybe view.
  6. Set up your Weekly Review view.
  7. Set up your Unprocessed view.
  8. Set up your Recent Tasks view.

Finally, turn off Outlook’s default views to make it easier to manage your tasks.

  1. Go to the Tasks view (using the Navigation Pane).
  2. Go to the Task view manager.
  3. Check the box at the bottom that says: Only show views created for this folder.
  4. Click Close to save.

The Navigation Pane now shows a short list of custom TRO views.

Congratulate Yourself

Congratulations! By completing this setup, you have placed yourself among the top 1% of all Outlook users. You are one of the few who knows how to set custom filters, define your own views, and set attribute-changing email rules. You should feel proud of yourself.

This was probably the hardest part of Total, Relaxed Organization training with Outlook. It will all be much easier from here on out, and you will reap the time-saving benefits of the views you created.