Follow these steps to configure Trello effectively for TRO:

  1. Login your Trello account.
  2. Click (top left).
  3. Delete default board (Untitled board) created by Trello:
  • Under Boards (left pane), click Untitled board

  • Click … More (right pane)

  • Click Close Board…

  • Click Close (pop-up), then Permanently Delete Board…
  • Click Delete (pop-up)

  1. Create a Trello Board for each life area like Personal, Work, Service, etc.

  • Input Board Name in the title field

  • Uncheck Keep Cards
  • Click Create (right pane)

Set up Email to Task (for each board):

  • Click … More (right pane)
  • Click Email-to-board Settings (right pane)

  • Under Your emailed cards appear in… (right pane):
    • Click List (pop-up), then select Unprocessed
    • Click Position (pop-up), then select Top

  • Copy the email address that appears in Your email address for this board:
    • Click the Your email address for this board field, then press
      Ctrl+C in Windows or Option+C on a Mac

  • In your email program, create a new contact called Trello (board name) and paste into the email field using Ctrl+V or Option+V)
  • Save changes

Delete labels:

  • Click … More (right pane)
  • Click Labels (right pane)

  • Click a Label (right pane), then Delete (pop-up)