To enable optional task reminders on your handheld:

  • Open the Toodledo app.
  • Tap the Settings icon at the bottom.
  • Tap Alarms.
  • Select: Task alarms come from this device.
  • Select an appropriate sound. (Beep Beep or Sonar are more professional sounding.)
  • Tap Setting at upper left.
  • Select: Fields and Defaults.
  • Under Unused Fields, tap and hold the three bars to the right of Due Time. Drag it to the list above.
  • Tap the > symbol to set a default time.
  • Set it to a time early in the morning, before your daily review, but not so early that it will wake you up. This is always the time you will use for your task reminders.

To turn optional email reminders on in Toodledo, go to Account Settings > Login Email > Get a daily email reminder. This email contains your Hotlist, which is what you already look at in your daily review to select your Do Today tasks. For this reason, the email reminders are not particularly useful unless you will not have access to Toodledo for several days.