With a paper planner, contexts are trickier than for an electronic task list, but they are doable:

  • Keep it simple. You probably only need 10 or 15 contexts with a paper planner.
  • “May Do” Tasks. When you set up your planner, you added tabs to the back for your contexts. These tabs hold the “may do” (soft date only) and Someday/Maybe tasks, not the “Must Do” tasks with hard dates.
    • Assign contexts by writing tasks down in the correct tab.
    • If it applies to more than one context, write it twice, duplication isn’t a problem.
    • Write (S/M) after your Someday/Maybe tasks, and add them from the bottom up.
  • “Must Do” Tasks. For tasks with hard dates or deadlines:
    • Abbreviate contexts to the left of the tasks when you write them in the daily task list:
         (W), (P), Call, E
          for: (Work), (Personal), Calls, Errands.
    • Add tasks to the daily list from the top down for work-related items and from the bottom up for personal.