Want an “Automatic” Copy?

If it’s important to you, you can request or vote on new features in the Donedesk help area. When you do, help us understand why and how you will use it.

To copy a task in Donedesk, copy its title and notes separately:

  • Open the task to be copied.
  • Highlight the name of the task, right-click (Ctrl+click on Mac), and select Copy from the context menu.
  • Right click (or Ctrl+click) in the large scratchpad box and select Paste from the menu. The name of the task should appear in the scratchpad.
  • Press Enter in the scratchpad to move to the next line.
  • Click in the Notes and highlight them all by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor.
  • Paste the Notes below the tasks title in the scratchpad.
  • Make any changes and save the copied task by clicking + Add Task.