In Trello, you can copy Cards (tasks), Lists (columns), and Boards (major contexts).

To copy a card (task):

  1. Click task.
  2. Click Copy (pop-up).

  1. Choose the following:
    • Keep… = include/exclude checklists and/or labels.
    • Copy to…
      • Board = which board/major context the card copy will be added to.
      • List = which list/column the card copy will be added to.
      • Position = where in the list would the card copy be added to
        (1 = top).
  2. Click Create Card (pop-up).

To copy a list (column):

  1. Click (opposite the column name).

  1. Click Copy List… (pop-up).

  1. Input List Name in the Name field (pop-up).
  2. Click Create List (pop-up).

To copy a board (major context):

  1. Open a Board.
  2. Click … Show Menu if the right pane isn’t already visible.
  3. Click … More (right pane)
  4. Click Copy Board (right pane)

  1. Input Board Name in the title field

  1. Check or uncheck Keep Cards (if you want to include/exclude cards).
  2. Click Create (right pane).