Decide whether you need a [Process Later] folder for your email. You need it ONLY IF:

  • Your email workload is excessive to the point where you can’t handle all the new “Must Do” emails on most days. A [Process Later] folder can help as explained in Extreme TRO (XTRO).

Caution! Do Not Create This Folder…

…unless you really can’t handle all the new “Must Do” email items most days. In that case, you need to focus almost exclusively on Must Do items. That’s XTRO territory, and this folder helps.

[Process Later] is really a sneaky collection point: it gets optional things out of your face so you focus on required things. You will likely never process things you put here! They MAY be processed later, if you have time. So don’t use this for regular workflows, or you’re asking for trouble; and never put Must Do items here.

If you need a Process Later folder, follow these steps:

  • Create it. Right click the very top of the folder list and select New Folder. Name it “[Process Later]” without the quotation marks. Naming it this way sorts it to the top of the list for easy access and visibility.
  • Add [Process Later] to your list of collection points in your regular processing appointment, near the bottom. That way you won’t forget to process it when you have time.