Decide whether you need a [Process Later] folder for your email. You need it ONLY IF:

  • Your email workload is excessive to the point where you can’t handle the “Must Do” tasks many days. Use a [Process Later] folder and see Extreme TRO (XTRO) for more help.

If that applies:

  • Create a [Process Later] folder.
    1. Open your Outlook Inbox.
    2. Click on File menu.
    3. Hover over New.
      • Select Folder (Ctrl+Shift+E).
    4. Type [Process Later] as folder name. Include the brackets.
    5. The folder contains Mail and Post items.
    6. Click on Inbox to create the [Process Later] folder beneath the Inbox.
    7. Click OK to create the folder.
  • Add [Process Later] to your list of collection points in your regular processing appointment, near the bottom.

To make it easier to drag emails to the [Process Later] folder:

  • Right-click the [Process Later] folder in the folder list on the left.
  • Select Add to Favorite Folders.
  • Drag it around the list of favorites (at the top) to rearrange.

The [Process Later] folder now appears near the top of the left navigation bar for easy access.