Decide whether you need a [Process Later] folder for your email. You need it ONLY IF:

  • Your task list does not easily convert emails to tasks, and you get a lot of tasks by email. This can bog down email processing unless you use a [Process Later] folder. However, be sure to follow all instructions below.


  • Your email workload is excessive to the point where you can’t handle all the new “Must Do” emails on most days. A [Process Later] folder can help as explained in Extreme TRO (XTRO).

Caution! Do Not Create This Folder…

…unless you meet one of the two criteria above!

[Process Later] is really a sneaky collection point: it gets optional things out of your face quickly so you process required things faster. You may still process things you put here, but you will process them later, as a group, and only if time allows. So never use this for Must Do items, because things you put here might never be seen again.

If you need a Process Later folder, follow these steps:

  • Create it. Right click the very top of the folder list and select New Folder. Name it “[Process Later]” without the quotation marks. Naming it this way sorts it to the top of the list for easy access and visibility.
  • Add [Process Later] to your list of collection points in your regular processing appointment, near the bottom. That way you won’t forget to process it when you have time.