If your calendar program supports recurring appointments, and it can easily switch between calendar views, then you can make your strategic calendar in your calendar program:

  1. Create a new calendar.
  2. Name it “Strategic Calendar”.
  3. Make sure that your settings allow you to see a full 7-day week, if possible.
  4. Make sure that your calendar shows your full day, from the time you’ll get up until the time you go to sleep.
  5. If possible, change the settings to show 30-minute time slots.
  6. If you have not already done so, turn OFF reminders for this calendar (or for all the time blocks in it).

If your calendar will not support recurring appointments or if you cannot easily switch between your main calendar and your strategic calendar, you can make your strategic calendar in your calendar program and print it out. If you can’t print from your calendar program, then search online for a weekly calendar form (there are many), print one out, and make your strategic calendar by hand.

See the chapter called Your Strategic Calendar for the remaining instructions for filling it out.