You can turn emails into tasks by forwarding them to your Trello Boards. This also works for collecting brand new tasks. This means that anywhere you have email access, you can collect, triage, or process.

Use your Trello board contact for emailing tasks. You already set this up when you set up Trello.

Unfortunately, Trello has no Recent Tasks list and no way to sort the Unprocessed Tasks list with recent items first. This means it’s a good idea to fully-process each “hot” triaged email as you encounter it. Otherwise, you’ll need to skim your entire Unprocessed Tasks list for “hot” ones after you triage.

When you email tasks to Trello, you can immediately add attachments, labels, and members to the card.

  • Emailed tasks go to the Unprocessed column, on top.
  • Email subject becomes the card Title.
  • Email body becomes the card Description.
  • Email attachments are added to the card.
  • Card Labels (contexts) are added in the subject field (each starting with # like: #labelname, #labelcolor, #labelnumber).
    • If your label consists of two or more words, either join words or use underscores between words (i.e., if your label is To Do, enter #ToDo or #To_Do in the subject line).
    • If you have multiple labels in a board with the same color or same name, emailing a board with #color or #name will only add the first label with that color or label to the card.
    • If adding members to a card, add @username in the subject. Members can also be added by putting @username in the email body. If you send an email to Trello and include other Trello users’ email addresses as To or CC addresses, Trello will add them as members of the card as well.