Here are the steps for your daily review:

  • Check your calendar. Open your calendar, review all scheduled appointments for the day, and glance over today’s strategic calendar. (15 seconds.)
  • Clear old APPOINTMENT reminders if you have honored them. (15 seconds.)
  • Go through your hotlist. Open your hotlist and mark tasks as Do Today (if you will do them today) by following these hotlist instructions. (1 minute.)
  • Validate today’s tasks. Look through your Do Today list, and re-process or reschedule any tasks you aren’t going to do today. (< 2 minutes.)
  • Check for 30+ minute tasks/steps. All tasks/steps that may take 30+ minutes should already be budgeted in today’s calendar. If not, add them with tentative appointment times. (1 minute.)
  • Reality check. Make sure your Do Today list is at least 80% doable today, and make sure your schedule is still realistic, with flexible time between appointments. Reschedule or disenagage if needed. (20 seconds.)
  • Order today’s tasks. (Optional.) Put today’s tasks in the rough order they should be done, if it matters to you.