Here are the steps for your RTM mobile daily review:

  1. Check your calendar. Open the mobile version of your calendar, review all scheduled appointments for the day, and glance over today’s strategic calendar. (15 seconds.)
  2. Clear old APPOINTMENT reminders if you have honored them. (15 seconds. These are usually duplicates of your desktop reminders.)
  3. Go through your hotlist. Open your Daily Review list and mark tasks as Do Today (if you will do them today) by following these hotlist instructions. (1 minute.)
  4. Validate today’s tasks. Look through your Do Today list, and re-process or reschedule any tasks you aren’t going to do today. (< 2 minutes.)
  5. Check for 30+ minute tasks/steps. All tasks/steps that may take 30+ minutes should already be budgeted in today’s calendar. If not, add them with tentative appointment times. (1 minute.)
  6. Reality check. Make sure your Do Today list is at least 80% doable today, and make sure your schedule is still realistic, with flexible time between appointments. Reschedule or disengage if needed. (20 seconds.)
  7. Sync your device with your desktop computer as soon as you return.