To Delegate Tasks in MS Planner:

  1. Select the appropriate Plan.
  2. Add task recipient.

Invite Members:

  1. Click ···, then Members

  1. Click Groups (left pane, new window).
  2. Click the appropriate MS Planner group.
  3. Click the appropriate Plan (major context).

  1. Click Members (pop-up).
  2. Click Add members.

  1. Enter member’s email in the Enter a name or email addressfield.

  1. Select the member’s email.

  1. Click Add.

  1. Give Plan link to team member/s.

To get the Plan link:

  1. Select the appropriate Plan.
  2. Click ···, then Copy link to plan.

team members (collaborators) need this to access the plan.

  1. Assign task.

To assign a task:

  1. Click task.
  2. Click Assign (pop-up).

  1. Select or unselect assignee/s from the list.
  2. Add notes in the Notes field, add comment in the Comments field, and/or close the task.
  3. Move task to the correct column/bucket.