Do NOT use Toodledo’s Assign Task Feature

Toodledo’s Assign Task feature may seem like a nice idea, but it is poorly implemented. Permissions and sharing are convoluted, you lose control of a task when you assign it, you cannot count on seeing which tasks you assigned to people, and tasks can suddenly appear in your lists.

Don’t use it. Use the TRO approach explained here . You’ll be glad you followed our advice on this one.

To delegate an assignment:

Delegation = Asking

To delegate, just ask them if they will do it. Asking allows them to say “yes,” which increases buy-in. If they have concerns, it makes it safe to discuss them, so you get a good handoff instead of a fumble.

  1. Ask them to do it. Communicate what the look, feel, objective, and motivating reasons are for the task/project. Listen to what they think you are asking them to do. Good communication will ensure that the right task is accomplished with minimal supervision. If you can ask them in less than 2 minutes, do it now (email, phone). Otherwise, the next step is Ask [person] to [action].
    • Ex: Ask John to create patent description
  2. After it is assigned, follow up on tasks you handed out. The next step is always “Waiting for [person] to [action]”. When you schedule that step, you will flag it for follow-up and choose smart dates to check up if you haven’t heard back yet. This ensures that the task moves forward.
    • Ex: W/F John to create patent description

    Waiting For steps will be explained more in the next lesson.