For your task list to be TRO-capable, your Do Today indicator must be: 1) a flag or status that you can set manually, and 2) reliable for defining your Do Today list. Examples include:

  • High Priority. You set the Priority field to High. Your Do Today list is the list of High Priority tasks.
  • Star. You “star” the task. The Starred list is your Do Today list.
  • Due Date. You set the Due Date to today. The “due or overdue” list is your Do Today list.
  • A tag or category. Call it “Do Today” and tag it manually when it is time to move it to the Do Today list. A special view or filter shows you this list.
  • A folder, or list. Name it “Do Today” and manually move items here to be done today. View this list or folder for today’s items. Caution: Do not use this method if it removes tasks from your context views.