To deal with spam in Outlook, we do NOT recommend the built-in junk mail filter. Instead, pick one of these options:

  • (If you use Hosted Exchange or manage your own mail accounts) You can usually enable server-side spam filtering for everyone in your organization. Log in to your Exchange provider control panel to see your options.
  • (Any individual account, with or without Exchange server) Download and install Spamfighter. The Standard version is free for home users but includes a small Spamfighter ad at the bottom of each outgoing email. Business users (Spamfighter Pro, no ads) need to buy a license, and trust us, it is worth it. Spamfighter learns to identify spam from over 7 million other users around the world. When a message gets past the filter, click Block in the Spamfighter toolbar to remove it and teach Spamfighter at the same time.